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Phonetic processes, IPA symbols, and much more

This is a link to my Linguistics 406, "Descriptive Linguistics," web site. The information that is important to you is the section on Phonetics. In the box is a three-page "Description of Sounds" (in other words, it describes the sounds of the IPA that are important for that class. It will conform to the IPA symbols in the IPA Chart. Another important file is "Definition of Speech Processes," which will help you understand such terms as "tap," "velar," and "retroflex."
      The "Downloadable IPA fonts" will help you read the files placed on the Web site. Download the SIL IPA 93 fonts (the Doulos, Manuscript, and Sophia download together). This SIL Link is the last one in the "Phonetics" box. The "Sounds of the IPA" will give you the actual sound of the particular symbol.
     The latest IPA Chart is also available.


CBETA: Sanskrit Lessons, Fonts, and More

This is the Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association Resource Page. On it is the Sanskrit Lessons box. In this section are sections on the alphabet, pronunciation, declensions, conjugations, lessons, and readings.


"Knowing" Words in Indo-European Languages

Information on the genealogy of the words "know" and "wit" and its cognates in other Indo-European languages including Sanskrit.



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